Present absent father

Fathers are like routers in network

The truth of the two developers managing a project

It is bizzare on this day to contemplate the flow of things at this time. I believe that I have spent a long time considering what might or can be possible. The main focus being on relationships which can lead to the idea of being a farther regardless of how that comes into manifestation.

I started to contemplate the ideology around the unification of families as biological enities. The concept around fatherhood is bizzare despite the dynamics in our society. The changes to fatherhood manifest them self yearly however the pricincple within them selfs can never truly change.

I thought about my father and considered the importance of his role in my life. He was a man with many children however this is the result of growth and opinion. I remeber an older sister of mine saying to him as he declined in health that one of his greatest weakness in life was women. I hope that to not be a weakness of mine. This was her right to state the truth that she had seen. He was bizzare but a father non the less who at his base gave his children in a harsh environment the chance to go to school.

He died, unfortunately, I believe it was kidney failure or something along that nature. It was a sad moment but bizzare. The process was like one I had never seen before. now I believe in recent time many have exprinced this. The thing is that we have a big family that is akin to a CCNP level network. The meaning behind this is the following, in the country of my origin we have a specific method of operations. This means that family dynamics are defined by graph datastores embedded into the mind. Thus we have an inate understanding of our networks and the hierarchies therein. Unfortunatly on my part the knowledge had somewhat been lost to me. This due to my father’s life span and the move to the new land which is named England. The living and culture cleared away from mind. I lost that culturale perspective.

A network

Though I always knew my father was always present, the children form relationship to relationship created cycles that complicated the schematics of things. In my view he got a pass due to the lack of sexual education and level of strictness at the time, to be fair. It turned out that there was lots of people present at the time.

It was possibly a good or bad idea to take his body back to Zimbabwe but it was of relevence. I believe it was the wish of his younger self and I remeber a song that said something similar. It stated that Those will return in boxes in future not present or something along those lines in the native langauage of shona.

As we awaited time to pass people paid their respects, cracks in the fabric or network started to manifest as I noticed something as I sat. Then to me he started to appear as a router in a very complex network. He was not a fancy Cisco multilayer router like what Trump may have had, but instead seemed to be a Linux router running on decent quiality hardware. As I mentioned the family is like a network of which there is many multiple sites. Those sites then further expanding in to a conceptual process. The two sites are very diffirent in a sense but provide the capability to extend in a benificial way given time and the correct utilization.

It was when I had to return home that I thought and saw the type of routing software that was contained within him. I would state it was a Linux system, native to its core with slight modifications. Due to the native nature of origins he had switching capabilities based on his kids, wifes and family customs. OpenVswitch may be the software akin to the process of involving the way he was able to operate on connections. He had what I believe to be the same number for a very very long time. This enablef stability in the flow of things.

I would say he had OSPF capabilities meaning he was able to perform rotuing to resolve issues by connecting alternate homes on the virtual logic layer from my perceptive being an application on the same hyper visor. This meaning any issues that I would encounter could be resolved in a way known to me in my environment. Though due to the nature of my living I was not able to fully take advantage of that as my childs mind was drastically immature. I would state though the routing capabilities contained therein where that akin to BGP. This meaning he had the apprioate connections to form relations with global communities, beyound the scoop of my general comprehension.

A logical example

I thought in my mind that if I had decent connections within europe and other area’s then the utilization of his connections may have provided greater results. He had capabilities similar to that of the bird internet routing daemon and security was also of importance as time went by so iptables were a concept to be utilized in that manner. As he grow he became more of a backbone router and as such he may have ensured a dynamic way of using his firewalling capabilities. The thing I respected about him is that he made use of what he had to. The standered he wanted which was a great thing and example.

He had some issues that he had to resolve, however for me and the others who lived with him in Zimbabwe knew he was surely a great father and provider to our internal network at that time. He was present but with a weakness and absence with a reccuring presence. Each of his children may have had thier own perceptions through out the time but we always held a unified concept of respect and appreciation.

Fathers whether be present or not, are more than just a body, but a concept of introduction into the world

I will at a point write about his funerial which brought a level of light to my perception

If I could travel in time, I would go back to utilize his knowledge in incremental steps to attempt to save Zimbabwe in this present