Conceptual perceptions in flow

In our understanding we grow. In freedom we prosper and in time we manifest truth through wisdom. It is understood and well percevied that in time a secret lays therein. That secdret is a truth that we bring into manifest through action gudied by knowledge. The knowledge we hold is what defines the perception we are granted. Thus in learning we learn to improve and impose a perception on to mankind. That which is given widsom takes in to manifestion the various outcomes from one action to the next. This is a thought and flow that is beyound general concept and freedom.

The flow is the flow of the thought of mankind. In it’s form it has multiple concepts of understanding each and another. We who would be observers of a universe within multiple perceptions are present therein. We are given the capability to perform observations that better our nature. Through out time space and their flows. Those flows enable that wisdom that is timeless in a essence given humanity.

When it comes to perceptions and films it is difficult thing to comprehend. The focus should always be initially on the story. That story then brings up an understanding with which we are then able to use to expend the understanding of our world. The world as a whole is good but dissatories place. This is simply due to the chaos present therein. We then take messures to ensure we have a fruitful way of performing an appropriate understanding that does not lead down a stray path. That path being the one that leads to a place unnecessary known to the wisdom of time.

There is a few films that I believe are of importance. They present concepts that are inline with a thinking geared towards a truth. The films them self gain my interest in a given period of a time. I explored such films in order to initiate a process of knowledge transfers by linking alternate observable thoughts to understanding the concept of time.

The future is to mankind a distent perception. There is an idea that is if films where visual drugs that could then give us a perception of a future. What can we percieve and say about the said or mentioned drug.

In my prespective of understanding is the flowing… Film and media can one an illusion of perception for a moment of two. What is needed in that thought is what is the classification of said visual drugs and perceptions.

Order in the flow defining a development of time perceptive space

Doctor Who

This is a marverlous show in which the concept of time and biologiy is explored. I would state this to be similar with would be equal to something of the cannibis varient. The cannibis varients are what provides the co0ncepts we consider to a be a high. I believe the better the concept or idealogy, the better the resonance. The way it funcations is by controlled useage of dosages which enable a fuller and richer story. The concepts involivng time can also be introduced to the observer at a pace that enables a more prolonged understanding. The truth is that the show will in a sense change your future since observering the show is a action and actions manifest change. The differences are what we consider awareness in the scheme of things.

Just like cannibas the strains in them selfs would permit a level of freedom unlike most. We who are of great value and relevence seem appropriate in our nature to bring freedom.


I believe in my thought that synchronicity is the value given involving what we consider to be a truth. That truth is what we know in our essensce permits growth without wisdom. We are able to grant a free concept when we use mind as a space for universal wonder and you start to learn many things. These things are what we know to be true. I believe that this really sets the basis in that the concept of time manipulation is possible truth and the machnism or errors that maybe encountered therein.


This film is pretty much like time travel heroen if that was ever a thing. What happens is the following. In order to obtain an understanding of the film it is important to understand the thing in which you sense a truth. This meaning that in the film in its self there comes a wisdom we are given. However the path in which your mind travels through that particular film is independent to your self. The reason we state this to be like heroin is due to its real personified nature, due to the budget and also through the thought of our reality.


This is a film which also involves travel in time but takes things to an alternate point of perception. That point of perception involves the struggle with self. This is a diffirent way of observing time as in that circle only you are present. This brings to thought multiple meanings. It is a self contained informational system that can be utilised by anyone regardless and it is to enable the understanding living, humanity and inspire thoughts of perception. This involves multiple personality concepts, error’s, family and learning. It is a beatiful script with much in it’s content.