The coordinate | The present

The representation of what is present is that which is considered the coordinate

When we percieve through our eyes the reality involving our truth. We people live in a world with out the knowledge of that which has come before us. In knowing and understanding what we can turn in to great things that are given observation of guidence.

In the text given menkind through the perception of our God. It is an idealogy given forth by the concept from an anime. It sounds silly to contemplate the thought however in our wisdom we must know, in that the synonym is a deeper meaning. The meaning of perseverance given mankind. We who knowing that growth, scale, complexity and wisdom, must overcome in times.

Past, Present and Future

It is a perception in which we conceptualize the knowledge about truth involving past and future. The invidual in the present has the knowledge given the capability to manifest change into the world. This understanding shapes our forever growing wisdom.

Time is composed of various changing and ever moving components that are unobservable by mankind. They are observable through the thought process and in that we are given a brief insight into the workings of this universal systematic flow. The ideology of that which is known to man. In that insight we come to know what we manifest into our existence. The world as whole has a system of concensus of occurence. This meaning we are able to perform action in a manner that is unified as that is the truth of our understanding. In God given wisdom we are able to look into that with a deeper knowledge.

There are things within time that given mankind enable our knowledge. There in comes the concepts, wars in time and the manifestion’s of that which is made truthful. There is no capability beyound that which is made true to mankind and in that process we can start to explore streams of truth given mankind.

Distence in time is merely a process of illumination but a concept for ever held true in the hopes of the preservation of thought. The universal conceptual flow, wisdom and knowledge through time, like a river forever unfrozen.