The honest & evil man

If the capability was possible to go beyound that time which is in the present but in its past

When contaplating the asspect which involves movement to past time and present futures one must consider the risk of ecosystem.
Think when we move from point to point with events manifesting themself on to the world plain. That which you think to be true may infact be not.
In that thought where in 1500+ is present is a danger to man. In my arrival the first needed requirement is a contact. Through this I would be able to know
the movement of that time and it requirements. Though the thought unnartural there is more that come’s to truth when this is observed.

The best move has and always will be take me to your leader and from then on calibrate the understanding due to the time in which it is. Though in that from 1500+ is great risk.
This is simply understood by the nature of the time and ecosystem in which the minds of men may be present therein. The speech used from point to point impacts what is known and what is not.

I saw a black a man

If a black man was to observe me in a period as such it would be incomprehensible. That though of which one knows not where he stands due to conscious eco. If a man in 1500-1700 was alone he would surely die from a truth given architecture at the time. The connections we make would need a foundation for there to be travel possible. The 1800’s would have a difficult time due to lie’s present therein though speech will not let it manifest, we all know the events that may have took place.

With limited knowledge it seems the safest hop would be just after world war two. Though many events would have come to pass it the easist point to manuver from. Though time before that could be benificial it would be impossible develop trust due to the nature of the political situation at the time. Unless, a strong, stable & reliable connection exits in which trust can be developed it would be very difficult to do. The next most important time would be 1900’s. At this moment it may be simpler to manvour based on the concept given events that would of past. The first thing or best thing would to say take me to your leaders at which time given the oppertunity a explanation would given. It would infact be rather difficult since Winston would likly be in power or atleast an influence to be leveraged. The aim would be to gain the correct favour to enable the movement to other periods of time. Work would be difficult to obtain however given circumstances it might be possible to gain some purpose throughout the period for a limited amount of time.

I believe travel into other periods may be possible depending on when and where. The main thing to always consider is the works of Robert Green for they enable an innate understanding of frequeancies at a time.

The other thing that may be important to do in the 1800’s is to create a safe deposit box wherein some invest may be made possible. Though this is not something that may be permissable by law but depending on the source of instrcution it may be possible. The issue then manifests it self when considering how to get the safe deposit the desired period of time. It is not as simple as opening a Llyods TSB savings account and jumping to the 2000’s to get the money out. It would be a very difficult thing to do thus again that trust factor manifests it self. It is difficult to understand how to then reopen the box at the desired time. It is a problem it’s self.

Then there comes a time where one most consider race, as this will be the biggest factor in the whole machnics of the system. Some time periods will have multiple blocks present therein. What must be understood is gaining the appropriate authorizations and freedoms to ensure safe passage where possible. Avoiding politicians may also be an important thing since any interfence caused to them may manifest negative outcomes. This again drive’s to the center that truth about connection’s, freedoms and prespective’s.

So, the question becomes, who are the best people to know for these times ?

Rumour has it there is a time agent from United State’s who with a time machine went back to the plantation. He tracked his leniage to be with his family and friends while they picked cotton. He was with them for about 12 years or so… Time work is incomprehensiable and it is never for the faint hearted. Though all things considered what may be truth.