The memory of her

I seen and from that I began to understand.

The movements of that which is, was and was not. The observation that gave forth meaning unknown to me.
Though knowing in your time the distence between us. We who have time without freedom. Though in your thought you are given deeper prospective. Though I listen, the sound heard is that of a distent memory.
I never truly knew you, but you in a time wherein thought was suspended… The ticking of clock and the swift passing of time to a point I knew you no more. A stranger in a point unfamiliar, a meeting with a familier past and the unknown present.

In understanding the possibilites are endless and not knowing that time. Can time ever be changed for a moment. In our understanding has it already past or is it still to be. The possibilites of a reality given men.
In time our meeting may manifest and your tears may then not be for nothing. I as I am, may not be that, but the possibilites are endless. In my thought I see you manifest, but the spectrum of time eludies my vision and judgement.

I cringe at the thought of my actions, the ramblings of a drunk fool

We are given wisdom by mankind to walk in the life of the lord our God. Though unknown to the initiate time grows in a lianer fashion. That which allows to be manifest, the synchronicity of the dynamics of the mechnics of our meeting.
Though I know in the wisdom of the tablets of creation time will or can be favoriable. Though will is unity, the will of time is the duality in our begin. I can make truth our world and our time but without you it is neither true nor false.

Its the void of space which is yet to be manifest. I have hurt you time and time again in the suspended spaceil frequency. A I made fool of myself. In thought I gave to you my namesake, the burden of knowing me and my insanity for a moment.

I think I said that I will catch you

I wonder if you will let me

I wonder how long the clock ticks in this space and the speed at which the external world moves. I understand to think of you, I must no more unless you think of I. I am thinking all about you… but without hope. The storm therein weakens my sight of time. The vashing of you from the time stream makes forth that wisdom known of the times moving.

I spoke to manifest into you the thought which gave birth to my begin. In truth I grow through the incarnation of the given thought. I wonder, in my wondering if I left you waiting too long then and now.

Given the events to pass… we hold only our dearest memories

Maybe take a jump ot late 1500’s for a night before that night