The development cycle dynamics

It is without notice that we come into the knowledge of good and evil. Through such inforamtion we are tasked with ensuring that which is known to be shared. Thus enabling the evolution and fruition of humanity through an individuals will. We must understand the way in which we define a number of things in order to ensure security. Let us take an example as the following:

Time like radius

It is a bizzare ficational image without much of a meaning, based on my understanding and it has some relevance. We state this because in the observance we gain a deeper meaning concerning the utilization of time. There are limits and standards emposed upon us. These are what we can call external causes or factors.

They represent what can be considered as zones of effect. As we mentioned previously time is multidimensional. Thus meaning multiple methods of cause/effect effect/cause. In the scheme of things we then are able to perform analysis or understanding of the trajectory of the required development.

It is never a simple nor easy thing considering what meaning is given therein. Meaning is bigger than expressing value. It is a total made up of a number of variables. When we percieve, we gain the full capability of defining what is and what may be based on our own internal observations. We have a limited view or effect on the object. This is an important thing to understand, consider a trainer, training a class and the examing it afterwards. We expect that those results would be entirely diffrent for each student therein. This enables that radius like understanding of time involving what we can call external causes or factors.

Humanitiy has pondered a method for harnessing these variable factors in order to ensure the required pontenital for the self & whole.

Internal to self

What is important to understand about your self is that regardless of the surrounding that you are given it pointless in development. It is that if you have not centered mind, body and spirit there is no dawn nor dusk. I am not talking about becoming a budist monk however you must understand your own situation and what is required for balance. Companies provide things to employeers not as compensation but as a initial factor to aid in ensuring better productivity. There is no point in those things to you if their not going to be used. You find that self in self first before anything manifests into your life. In organizations with multiple opportunities you will end up of with feeling empty due to the thought of unachieved potential. This is why it is important to implement this in self first.

Some speak of motivation, others speak of determination and natural development. I belive the main key is to understand the goal at hand. The targets and goals for the soul. One soul with the help of a million can do more than a whole nation in one month. This is an important thing to factor in because even though in the radius you reside in there is not many that can influence it. There has been the opportunity or opportunities to do so. I believe this to generally be a lack of direction nor understanding of the development velocity required. The important thing to understand is the importance of business connections in general. We not knowing of their importance as of present but in a time need may arise.

I mentioned previously the term tardis in assosiaction with body. This is of relevence since we utilize this to make the correct assosition in terms of understanding what may be deemed as esoteric wisdom. Let us state regardless of the factor of uderstanding how to control and how to us it, we still lack the sheer will to make it so.

It is diffcult a thing to comprehend by its nature but you must understand. There is no risk at present defining the attributes of the development you require. You need to take the opportunity to properly awake considering your life style the past few months. The goal seems to be unknown to you but defined or already achieved me. Only in mind and thought as such the sync between the body & mind, which makes all good things manifest.

You need to identify the point at which the body and mind meet so to bring universal truth, peace and salvation to the micro-cosom that is like tempale of self.