Observing realms unknown

Henry VIII, beheaded his wives because in his time it was not yet possible to get divorced, so time whispers

At this point the observation of that which is true is present. The knowledge of light given understanding of time. We must at this time come to present the operational understanding which is that the nature of movements and the flow of time is beyound general comprehension.

We state that if we consider the possibility of moving backwards and forwards in time we present many challanges. The concept in it self is possible. Lets take for example the process of learning a new skill after the point you need it. Though gaining the skill can not alter events, it does however change your future in the situation that you encounter the same event again. It is not traveling in time but rather a process that can not be fully defined.

The spirit is the key to the process. Observing those realms and the dismenssion at which they operate. Let us take for example Tokyo Ghoul. This though not based on anything related to me, it is however based on a signular unified truth of spirit. Experience and understanding is what then defines the rest that needs to be understood from the story.

A perception observed may be varriable in a point though the main focus being observation. In the far distant future there is a sociaty that exists. They do not eat meat and they shun those who do. Thus in that process my spirit gains an understanding of that time. Though not a part of it physically I gain insight to the social complications that may exist, mentally and spiritualy. Thus giving my spirit that understanding provided my mind can digest that into something meanful.

When we consider that if the past can be changed is that possible. I would state not entirely possible. I believe observing something makes it a truth but not a static truth due the shape of time. This is considering the hypothetical capability of observing time. Let us assume time is shaped like a prymaid. It would appear as the the following:

Time flow structure

As you see to understand. We who stand in time and given the capability to observe the past in a future present. We may be those at the top of this prymaid at which given the ability observe from top to bottom & bottom to top. In this view it is paramount to understand the many diffirencies with difficulties that may exist. As such it is not to say that the future or past can not be changed.

I believe in the concept of super position.
This meaning we are able to change the flow of observation given the correct understanding of the machanics that enable that flow.

When it comes to defining those understandings it can be a difficult matter but there is a level of importantance related therein. We should take time to mildly understand the concept therein.