Wisdom of growth and knowledge

To savour that which wisdom is known

A secret path therein tells truth which enables the knowledge of one’s manifestation. We know in time we have the ability to bring forth wisdom without relief that allows us the wisdom to manifest growth. Though things change what may be present without understanding. It is beyond what we can fathom that we know what is true. Always with and without wisdom do we understand what we know to be.

With all things considered it becomes rather difficult to comprehend the truth of this world and the flow utilized therein to manifest what we perceive as time. The understanding of the multitude of mechanics that go into play in shaping our universe. Not just the universe but our reality as a whole. How does one learn to walk without ever seeing another walk. Through experience is the initial required understanding. That experience is what manifests what is to be and was.

In thought one sees what time may bring into focus. Though that in itself is a distant blare without truth. Wherein truth is applied at an alternate universal point at which the view of truth is known. Freedom gives that which brings knowledge of occurrence. It is known that which may be ahead of the growth of time brings knowledge that is neither limiting nor functional. Though observance of time frequencies meaning that which is beyond understanding. Points in themselves mark an understanding of the flows, however observance of the passage of time and that which lay therein limits a scope of the perception. We must understand as humans that in growing times we permit that which comes into manifestation. Although we as humans bring into focus that which time knows and has known. Thus we are able to in our being careful walk the passage of time without fear of evil. Though events in their manifestation are unknown to some. They bring truth to light. Knowing freedom through this flow we must then understand the growth which allows us to perform that which we consider to be known. Therein the truth lays in a time unknown.