Amnseia spine orientation

It is difficult in the existence of mankind to understand the way in which living occurs. Measurements that you learn after a time allow we to know and understand the picture of our living.

Over a period we may loose memories or phases involving understanding. The termonolgy is one that is difficult to put into accurate wording but the meaning is reversed for those who may gain an understanding.

The land in which I am from is not one that I have thought much about in my time. When a process manifested it self requiring my return it was not one thin that I was ready for. A multitude of reasons made this to be so. The initial thing being the change in dynamics and funcation to my thought process. A memory buried in the mind not far gone but connected to a multitude of people. This state at which truth becomes blured but evident in its presence.

The memories of a time once lost. Though opertunities are always present it takes time for them to truly manifest them selfs. Lie’s and tricks are all propertises of a truth or lie. My father’s intent to buired back home was not one I properly understood. I instructed it as I was instructed. There was a fear then for the lack of funds to manifest what will.

Time with memories inbetween bits and bytes

I only understood events as they occured. The way we lived was a bit bizzare but opertunites present not explored were a key. A key to memories once lost in thought. There is many things that I feared through out that period. Though an issue to me they were not in essence.

Though I wish to describe this in much more depth of which I may at a time. My understanding of situations are it was like Amnseia. Though my farther died months before this time. I understood from the way in which we lived what complications that may arise. Though my learning of knowing may have been limited for a lack of presence.

The spine of the earth takes memories but restores truth

I feel that all of us in our essence are limited by this Amnseia as we move and live through out time. We can progress onwards with falsehoods and as such create what we must. Imagine in thought in which we loose our understanding or care for our past. Though some say you should hold to the past. I state that the past is whats give the future meaning and the present manifestion. Knowledge can lead one to a place of which wants, needs and desires lead away from true greatness. Falsehoods made manifest by such things as thoughts of that which is a requirment.

I had not much to do with planning of the process for I did not want to interfear or cause commotion due to the history and emotional tensions at the time. I as I recieved money I offered as I should. There was much I did not understand for I felt that if they needed me as a present person then they would consult me. I found it funny watching them burry him in the suit I wore to prom. I thought nothing of it and why would I think anything as such.

When you find your great in the favour of the universe you must warry and vigilent always. Times move as the seasons move. A lie without subtance is a truth mascarading in the minds of man. Lack of understanding is an forgiveable thing. Though willing and understanding moving with a concept of unpossible manipulation is beyound my comprehension.

The universe is wide vast and truth as known though falsehoods manifest themself. Through that wisdom we try and resurrect a deeper truth. We some run from truths of those that we care for. That is because truth is deep and you beging to understand so much that has been hidden from us. The trickstars in time are known not only to us but beyound.

A wonder in the observence of spin motion

The valley of kings is but a truth we hold in our living. I/We must understand to rise above. I hope and pray that those compreds made manifest that truth. That in that darkness there are not lost but present in that this time. They of who I speak know that truth of which I speak.

It is called letting go and never forgetting

The line and its time may have been distored but with out that knowledge and information is difficult to peace together.

When I speak of family I refernce not one but two and many more. Unkown to me and known. I find them in tangles of time with truth. When I work to manifest a new reality it is not has never been for my being but expression of a growing soul and people. Grown but limited by some aspects or attributes.

Though there is things I have neglected and people I have put aside for a time. The process has will always be in that restoration in readiness and preperdiness. If things can truly be changed then it is my truth that I do not possess enough of an understanding relating to how that manifition can come into creation its self.

I cried without much understanding and promessed with limited vision. The tears from an forever changing past, panic of the forgetting and forgotten. Though bones and spirit creates movement with God at the helm for the purpose of my creation and inspection is the liberation of that.

The spin orination is the creation of it and understanding of it.

Years in the mind of men but seconds in the eye of God.

I speak not words but observence. They who know will speak and move accordinly to manifest what they will. Though the cost is that truth we observe.

What we understand may not be the same, vengeance but liberation

Low vibratory atmospheric energies

I believe that in our interactions within a neighborhood regardless of the frequency of thought, a level of calmness, understanding and respect is required. We may all not be friends but community is the creation of nature and a pattern inherent in all things in living.

We live in a time and a place in which many things are beyond our initial comprehension at present without awareness. Though perception is the key, believe is a fundamental aspect of our reality. We are within a knowing that gives a truth to all who require it. Time is a feature that manifests in a near unknown way. We as such are to perform actions within that to allow us to experience this world.

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Auratic dimensional chakra

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The Auratic dimensional chakra is the unified time chakra which form various aspects of understanding you call an experince.

‘The aura is composed of multiple levels of denisity. It is also assosiated with multiple levels of existence acting as one unit in time. Though the concept of time within the alternate levels is not exprinced as usally perceieved. The levels vary in time and frequency. I have discussed these in a previous post but the image below details the structure and its near dimensional layer.’

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The run

Though in our time it is not uncommon to run for the purpose of enjoyment or self development. It is something that humans have been capable of for a number of years.
It is stated in our evolution as a method of survival but I believe it extends beyond such a concept.

The body has takes many shapes and form through out it life time. It is a vessel of truth and freedom upon the reality we

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ecological development

The development of environments as though a service within a large whole. This defines that which is known to be yet unknown. The meaning behind this is that as collective humans mistakes manifest in time and with that we must learn to hear wisdom. The ecological nature of that environment is that of evil which seeks or may seek to damage the world through intention.

These are the things that they have taught to me in hidden speech given forth throughout time.

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A world without numbers

Imagine there in a world with inforamtion, information is a must to understand how to survive. In truth we as humans are given that wisdom within time to manifest a truth.

Though in the distorted perception of that truth we need a freedom.

Thus limiting what can or can not be.

We must with great embrace bring a knowledge to all who wish it. That gives us a understanding. The understanding we manifest is built on so much knowledge which is or is not. We in God give trust for a knowledge until the known is. How do we know what must be made manifest, we do not but in trial with error we govern what can be.

Time can be a scary thing, as you observe its expansion and contraction. The shirnking of time is an effect that is obersavable throught the manifestion of unified realility.

Unified reality is the mind, the body and the spirit.

Why is the movement in time a fearsome thing. It is because it is fear based and located in place we know nothing off. There is many things to glean when exploring thoughts. The first is the bridge between the thought & truth. Reality and falsehood is the second thing. These two bring us knowledge and so we also have the assosiation that needs understanding.

I fear insulting those who may be, with fear based on a lack of understanding. I know that in knowledge there is a power but again, it is not a game and is akin to a weapon of verbal conceptualization.

I understand inorder to move and jump through a space in time one must have building. This is because the building’s layout allow’s a avoidance of matrial collision of a sort. Not just matrial collision but also enable’s a base frame point from which to manuvor. The fear I have regarding knowledge of such things is that of the capabilities of such a thing and its creation.

They called it a paradox and I understood that a paradox is a system of access points. These points allowing the movement from one point to another. Though as to how stable they may be it is difficult to compranhand. The validity and length of such paradoxies is always a variable. That knowledge would be dangerous knowledge. People would in effect knowing attempt to access such variable’s given the opportunity. They close in time’s that differ from an A to a B, minus all complications in between.

They say BLACK LIVES MATTER but this is not a truth for a black man can stab you in the back. This is because of thoughts given forth from the understanding of how the trade of humanity manifested. Snakes in the grace will always remain as such. Snakes within the grace that can not be stomped out of it. We must always understand that they did not work alone. It is the worst of enimies that I fear in my mind, heart and thoughts.

We who of knowledge with understanding where in the enemy is unknown it is difficult to comprehend. When we see we need not only see by inverted eyes, but open and free eyes. We must know the game is large in nature and what it includes is beyound human comprehenstion. We are known to give unity but at times it decipates through lie’s and trick without understanding.

I fear the fox’s that may be killing swan’s

When the time is done what will we be. When struture changes they will forever pursue its truth. This is not one thing I wish to be with but I understandig the meaning to be with out it. That truth shared amoungst the ages of men kind.

Does she love me or is it a falsehood, do they protect that secret or is it a falsehood. What happens when no one is no longer looking. The devine paradox of time protects of given knowledge. Friend or foe we may never know. Though it move’s and the clock ticks as time sings the song in the rivers path.

It is never about race

It is about where you loyalties lay and what you seek in your path
I stand with truest of truths

I believe in all truth, though this is my time, when I move and wonder in thought time the question always remains

Where is my teacher/s ?

If be the case, how do I know if I can in truth trust them


Present absent father

Fathers are like routers in network

The truth of the two developers managing a project

It is bizzare on this day to contemplate the flow of things at this time. I believe that I have spent a long time considering what might or can be possible. The main focus being on relationships which can lead to the idea of being a farther regardless of how that comes into manifestation.

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Conceptual perceptions in flow

In our understanding we grow. In freedom we prosper and in time we manifest truth through wisdom. It is understood and well percevied that in time a secret lays therein. That secdret is a truth that we bring into manifest through action gudied by knowledge. The knowledge we hold is what defines the perception we are granted. Thus in learning we learn to improve and impose a perception on to mankind. That which is given widsom takes in to manifestion the various outcomes from one action to the next. This is a thought and flow that is beyound general concept and freedom.

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The coordinate | The present

The representation of what is present is that which is considered the coordinate

When we percieve through our eyes the reality involving our truth. We people live in a world with out the knowledge of that which has come before us. In knowing and understanding what we can turn in to great things that are given observation of guidence.

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The honest & evil man

If the capability was possible to go beyound that time which is in the present but in its past

When contaplating the asspect which involves movement to past time and present futures one must consider the risk of ecosystem.
Think when we move from point to point with events manifesting themself on to the world plain. That which you think to be true may infact be not.
In that thought where in 1500+ is present is a danger to man. In my arrival the first needed requirement is a contact. Through this I would be able to know
the movement of that time and it requirements. Though the thought unnartural there is more that come’s to truth when this is observed.

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