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New site layout

Well I suppose i had thought to reconfigure the site. I been meaning to do that for a while now. The only reason being that the previous blog engine had some issues when it came to synchorinicity. The initial creation of it was pretty unique thus its management regarding the theme was getting pretty difficult.

Anyway to make a long story short I thought I would try an alternate theme and method of running the blog. I do not have a CI for it though its a simple blog so I should not need it at the moment. Though I still need to fix up a few things and ensure a somewhat semetrical alightment with pervious posts. It is a diffirent way of writing and does not just include markdown so it will take some getting used to.

The posts are still avalible at m3rl1n.th31nitiate.xyz/blog_archive

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Delivery: stability

It is strange when it comes to the concept that relates to the process of time machines. It is one thing to understand the possibility of such a thing but it is another to gain an understanding of the possibilities of acquiring or purchasing one. It is generally considered to be theoretical in nature but we must comprehend the thought.

There are different levels and degrees to the possible design and implementation of such a thing. There are major complications that can arise as a result of mechanisms involving that. We ponder the following with a system that has or is able to manipulate space and time. We have to ponder when is the best time and place to deliver it. As you can imagine it is not the easiest or simplest thing to do since time is always in constant motion. The ability to synchronise a device of such a nature is beyond the understanding of most if not all.

If we attempt to understand the body as a vessel for the mind, we state that it is a mechanism that can be considered in a sense a time machine of sorts. The machine is utilised in a way that it allows the protection of the mind as travel in space and time. Thus we see and understand the complexity involved in delivering such a thing into this plane of existence. This is only one mear example of which humans have mastered and it is only on a subtle level that we can consider it to be so. We can attempt to consider our mental state would be ideally a soul in a general concept of sorts.

We know and understand the body as a machine though in this instance we are considering a machine that operates beyond the general bounds of space time beyond the body or enables the control of the flow of time while encapsulating the body. This is a different type of time system since it extends that which is or can be understood. In the process of fact and thought we understand that even if a human was to be extended to alternate environments in space time. We would still need to be able to factor a collected perception. Then beyond that we would require a method to keep this flow of collective thought and understanding in sync. We are given a correct understanding involving things of a nature relating to that which is to be considered.

Time changes thus with time systems change and some erosion of the fabric of time sometimes occurs. Though like all things that can or maybe made or maintained. It is all about the natural order regarding the flow of things in one degree or another. This can be covered in an alternate post. Though regarding the maintenance of the sync process which itself can be like a breeze. We start by looking at the design of a machine. The machine which in itself is the design and creation of time but also engine unity. A method for checking, ensuring that once developed and built it should function as intended including also appending and de-appending aspects of the system at key moments. Then appending tests to the system to ensure it functions or the functionality is inaccurate.

A system of the design and creation of the time system is important including also ensuring the maintenance of it. Ideally roles and abilities to enable or allow the creation of a system similar to that of red october. Though not only that. The general method involves that similar to an operation center. The work involved within and how to extend into the design of a system with a red october type of encryption methodology. The decentralized aspect of it is also of importance. This is the point to be stressed regarding the red october design methodology.

There seems to not be much regarding the implementation of such a system however that is not the case. As time evolves things change and so the design of such a system may change. To start we will look and analyze the process of a generally early day design of the system.

Anything with rotaries of something of a similar nature that works in rhythmic cycle would be considered an ideal system. Though the focus at present is not mainly on or of that since I can not seem to get a accurate image of the general description. Though once we have such a thing it could be considered as Adam’s calendar or otherwise. We can start to think about its maintenance which is the focus. This is regarding the delivery of such a machine and system as initially proposed in this post.

The maintenance of such a system can be understood by looking at the site reliability engineering and gaining an understanding regarding it. This is because the needs to rules and definitions given forth regarding some aspects of the management of time systems. Some would say it is a glorified term for technical support though it is generally the process regarding higher levels of thought involving supporting, designing and maintaining systems of varying kinds. There is a lot that can and will be covered defining this. The mechanisms involving general management and how that correlates to time. Not only on a small scale but in the wider whole of the overall system.

These books go into depth if you really want to understand the process and functions regarding that of the time line system and its maintenance. If you wish to read them in relation to what is in the post. Attempt reading or understanding the lessons learned in a linear fashion.

This book seems to be or appears to be one that is also useful regarding understanding some aspect of how this technology can increase in its nature and how the time system can be further customised to manifest an even stronger and more powerful method of reliability but not only that. It enhances it’s capability to bring a greater understanding, maneuverability and freedom on multiple level’s, based on the perspective view.

This spans a multitude of things that can go from low level to very high level planes of cause and effect. The maintenance of the system is key because it enables us to determine the discrepancy level of various events but not only that. The journey as well back and forth makes the overall outcome with a particular sync measurable by enabling a system or machine as a method of verification regarding various aspects of time. That way the preservation of a natural order to a specified synchronised timeline. The general timelines can be considered the European union, african union and Union of South American Nations. I am sure there is more such as the asia pacific union amongst others. These things are important as they maintain various aspects regarding our being. These unions or are responsible for the general physical planes however there is many more that can be used as an extension of spiritual aspects which can be considered another time though the concept applies.

There is also the consideration of nato and how with their abilities there may be considered a high union force in our reality and the general planet. This is as though the highest governing body and in the design of the system they may be considered a maintaining force regarding the operation of the system including management when it comes to the sync process as most people. The key thing in verification systems would be managing the sync process and as such this unions attempt to ensure that is made possible with removing liberties and freedoms from the people.

When we consider this and things that we wrote previously you can start to get an understanding as to the importance of a number of varying things. Personally I could not believe I could ever be a police offer or have the strength to deal with the things that they have managed. That is mainly being said as their system to be one of the most powerful in one sense or nature. Though it should not be used and only used as a last resort in my main opinion. which raises the importance of making sure to pay your taxes. It is just that I see it different to most in regards to how that particular system may function. There are many more interactive systems that can be used.

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Amnseia spine orientation

It is difficult in the existence of mankind to understand the way in which living occurs. Measurements that you learn after a time allow we to know and understand the picture of our living.

Over a period we may loose memories or phases involving understanding. The termonolgy is one that is difficult to put into accurate wording but the meaning is reversed for those who may gain an understanding.

The land in which I am from is not one that I have thought much about in my time. When a process manifested it self requiring my return it was not one thin that I was ready for. A multitude of reasons made this to be so. The initial thing being the change in dynamics and funcation to my thought process. A memory buried in the mind not far gone but connected to a multitude of people. This state at which truth becomes blured but evident in its presence.

The memories of a time once lost. Though opertunities are always present it takes time for them to truly manifest them selfs. Lie’s and tricks are all propertises of a truth or lie. My father’s intent to buired back home was not one I properly understood. I instructed it as I was instructed. There was a fear then for the lack of funds to manifest what will.

Time with memories inbetween bits and bytes

I only understood events as they occured. The way we lived was a bit bizzare but opertunites present not explored were a key. A key to memories once lost in thought. There is many things that I feared through out that period. Though an issue to me they were not in essence.

Though I wish to describe this in much more depth of which I may at a time. My understanding of situations are it was like Amnseia. Though my farther died months before this time. I understood from the way in which we lived what complications that may arise. Though my learning of knowing may have been limited for a lack of presence.

The spine of the earth takes memories but restores truth

I feel that all of us in our essence are limited by this Amnseia as we move and live through out time. We can progress onwards with falsehoods and as such create what we must. Imagine in thought in which we loose our understanding or care for our past. Though some say you should hold to the past. I state that the past is whats give the future meaning and the present manifestion. Knowledge can lead one to a place of which wants, needs and desires lead away from true greatness. Falsehoods made manifest by such things as thoughts of that which is a requirment.

I had not much to do with planning of the process for I did not want to interfear or cause commotion due to the history and emotional tensions at the time. I as I recieved money I offered as I should. There was much I did not understand for I felt that if they needed me as a present person then they would consult me. I found it funny watching them burry him in the suit I wore to prom. I thought nothing of it and why would I think anything as such.

When you find your great in the favour of the universe you must warry and vigilent always. Times move as the seasons move. A lie without subtance is a truth mascarading in the minds of man. Lack of understanding is an forgiveable thing. Though willing and understanding moving with a concept of unpossible manipulation is beyound my comprehension.

The universe is wide vast and truth as known though falsehoods manifest themself. Through that wisdom we try and resurrect a deeper truth. We some run from truths of those that we care for. That is because truth is deep and you beging to understand so much that has been hidden from us. The trickstars in time are known not only to us but beyound.

A wonder in the observence of spin motion

The valley of kings is but a truth we hold in our living. I/We must understand to rise above. I hope and pray that those compreds made manifest that truth. That in that darkness there are not lost but present in that this time. They of who I speak know that truth of which I speak.

It is called letting go and never forgetting

The line and its time may have been distored but with out that knowledge and information is difficult to peace together.

When I speak of family I refernce not one but two and many more. Unkown to me and known. I find them in tangles of time with truth. When I work to manifest a new reality it is not has never been for my being but expression of a growing soul and people. Grown but limited by some aspects or attributes.

Though there is things I have neglected and people I have put aside for a time. The process has will always be in that restoration in readiness and preperdiness. If things can truly be changed then it is my truth that I do not possess enough of an understanding relating to how that manifition can come into creation its self.

I cried without much understanding and promessed with limited vision. The tears from an forever changing past, panic of the forgetting and forgotten. Though bones and spirit creates movement with God at the helm for the purpose of my creation and inspection is the liberation of that.

The spin orination is the creation of it and understanding of it.

Years in the mind of men but seconds in the eye of God.

I speak not words but observence. They who know will speak and move accordinly to manifest what they will. Though the cost is that truth we observe.

What we understand may not be the same, vengeance but liberation

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Transactions in the void of eternity

Though time is limited in its nature it is beyound our comprehension. This is because time is a static asset based on perception. The perception is defined not only by the observer, but by multiple asspects involving a number of factors which in effect form the whole.

This means that time is a system that is forever. Earth within it self becomes something of a time capsle though it is not.

It is known to humnaity that the planet has been present for many years and we see in that the remanence of sociaties past and present. We seen these structures like images of a time lost. We see writings on walls of which we do not understand but know of its presence. They who can interpret these and find meaning to gain understanding of those who came before them.

The time frames in their length are generally beyound us. The timeframe of the planet is so grand that contemplation is incomprehensensable. We see sociaites in the future through the mind. The spirit can do this as it has no past, nor present, nor future but existince in the realm beyond those bounds. Though it is just imagination, do understand its power.

These are but merely specs in time unbound

Throughout this spectrum of time we must consider if ever time travel was a possibility, what method do we use for communitcation, transactions and validty in this ever changing medium of time. It is for ever changing and never staying static. Stones and rocks were good in enabling an everlasting message writen in stone and not understood by many.

World in dimensions

Block chain technology is a new or old (depending how you look at it) medium for these types of transactions and records. The method is static meaning it is safe through out time within reason. It extends and expands throughout the universe rather than being restricted to earth, though in understanding the perception expands deeper into space. This is because of its design and its method of use. It should be mentioned that the latancy between nodes in chains increase as we move into the realms of space and the grouping structures of the nodes change to support various environments. This is due to the reduced number of people in space ships and also the distence from earth or planets.

Block chains like aeternity are like stone in the sands of time. The one block chain of interest is the aeternity blockchain. It is composed of intirguing technology and the concept is in the name. Ansible is a device that enables instantaneous communication over any distance. Though this communication is done through perception. It is in its self a system of knowledge of which the source is key. The concept of ansible only works overtime if the source of the enterypoint of information is accurate and correct. Thus a choosen blockchain can change and create reality as required acting like a source of truth. Though it takes time to develop that truth of understanding.

 Power of creation

There is also complicated things that we will get into later as we explain the heart of the time machine, which is aeternity. I have an understand but it is to convoluted to put into words. The initial things I seek to explain is the market. The truth in this reality is that we can transact not only in an annoymous nature but through time.

Smart contracts are a set of tools that allow the inforamtion left in the chain to not only be static but dynamic in nature. Think about the following, time travel becomes possible or even technology that does exist now is invented then. The blockchain becomes like a source of truth of which through it you can transact. You can write a smart contract with a predefined set of requirements. This goes on to somehing like a central message board. Then when someone can accomplish the task or the value returned by completing the task appeals to them. They can then undertake the contract providing proof of completion. This will then enable them to have the funds released to them what ever time they are in.

 The design in the web of Trust

This is a method to annoymously transact overtime and it is also possible given that the technology is developed and maintained. You can also use it to set IF statements within reality. The informaiton can be validated through the use of oracles. These are what permit us to observe the external world or timeline from within the smart contract. Through the use of data analytics and machine learning you can enable a time with advanced automated pipelines. The purpose of the piepline is to validate inforamtion and also enable transactions with machines. That means that you can have a machine given a point in time forfil the contract for you.

Though I believe much can be said about aeternity and its usage capabilities throughout time preceding the concept that is the present thought. Message boards can be used with smart contracts to annoymously carry out transactions through out time. This includes not only transactions of montary value but regarding anything of thought.

This makes the protocol a powerful mechanism for use with systems that run for forever.


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Low vibratory atmospheric energies

I believe that in our interactions within a neighborhood regardless of the frequency of thought, a level of calmness, understanding and respect is required. We may all not be friends but community is the creation of nature and a pattern inherent in all things in living.

We live in a time and a place in which many things are beyond our initial comprehension at present without awareness. Though perception is the key, believe is a fundamental aspect of our reality. We are within a knowing that gives a truth to all who require it. Time is a feature that manifests in a near unknown way. We as such are to perform actions within that to allow us to experience this world.

The other evening I heard a commotion outside. It looked like a bunch of teengers getting into a disagreement which turned very bitter. I believe in all honesty without truth that as humanity we can be influenced by that which is not favorable. Though the event was beyond me and my nature I went to pear outside to ensure that all was well. This is because I heard screams and glasses breaking which led me to attempt to help the individual stuck in the situation.

At the time at which I got down there the commotion was almost over. Though I was frightened I walked into the park slowly and gracefully, attempting to see. The deeper into the park I got and the more frightful I became. I walked and stopped at a particular point of which I felt I should. There was nothing present and those who were fighting walked back as a group. It appeared as though they had been chasing someone. I felt from that point onwards not much of a need to run. I stood firm and waited for them to see what would manifest. They walked past me and in a sense I am a bit glad. Some said certain things such as who are you and all sorts of nonsense. The police arrived immediatly after and the group ran away in what seemed to be diffirent directions. I went into my home after observing things for a while. I was waiting for an order which took the longest time to get here though it arrived in the end.   This event had me wondering about our world and the way in which the atmosphere has shaped the truth about our reality. We are unaware given thoughts involving our surroundings and how such things affect the overall atmospheric nature. Though we are in a sense at a low level of the atmosphere we are in one that is layered. It is possible to see this atmosphere through the understanding of consciousness. That means that we bring that down towards our level. Though this field exists it is in a sense a unified low vibratory field of existence. I believe that through my understanding I can shift and change my reality. I can also be pulled into lower virabting levels through known or unknown interactions. Some events are meaningful and others are not. Though this event involved the lower levels of atmospheric consciousness.  I felt a loss of energy and a general disturbance in the locally shared reality. It was a minor incident after later analysis. The environment and the general nature of our community is still affected by this through one aspect or another.

We grow our minds similar to plants. We need something nutritious in our atmosphere, something that fuels creativity and thought, something like nature. There is a reason why in towns outside large metropolitan areas we see people get into fights. They then become good friends the next day or some time after all of the commotion. This is because of the environment and the general atmosphere. The sense of being and the possible integration to that close aspect of its existence.

The things we say and do are important. Not only within our communities but beyond that. This extends to our general local area but beyond those mindstates. People sometimes say it’s a racial thing but we must understand that to not be always true. Black people are perceived in a particular way due to what may be a contamination of their conscious atmosphere. This seems to be to a degree evident. You can  exist in the black community but lack the ability to understand the way to create an enriching atmosphere. Thus eveything will always be to your favour within the community. The idea is to remove the bad thoughts and vibes that make someone negative. When someone reaches the concept of feeling negative they should try not to be in such a state and then resolve the differences when possible. The coolest thing a person can do is create rich vibratory thought spaces which enables growth.

The concept behind this is to bring awareness to the fact of a truth involving communities and look at community consciousness. Though not to be exclusive but to understand how these events some times are the cause of atmospheric events beyond our natural control.

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