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It is strange when it comes to the concept that relates to the process of time machines. It is one thing to understand the possibility of such a thing but it is another to gain an understanding of the possibilities of acquiring or purchasing one. It is generally considered to be theoretical in nature but we must comprehend the thought.

There are different levels and degrees to the possible design and implementation of such a thing. There are major complications that can arise as a result of mechanisms involving that. We ponder the following with a system that has or is able to manipulate space and time. We have to ponder when is the best time and place to deliver it. As you can imagine it is not the easiest or simplest thing to do since time is always in constant motion. The ability to synchronise a device of such a nature is beyond the understanding of most if not all.

If we attempt to understand the body as a vessel for the mind, we state that it is a mechanism that can be considered in a sense a time machine of sorts. The machine is utilised in a way that it allows the protection of the mind as travel in space and time. Thus we see and understand the complexity involved in delivering such a thing into this plane of existence. This is only one mear example of which humans have mastered and it is only on a subtle level that we can consider it to be so. We can attempt to consider our mental state would be ideally a soul in a general concept of sorts.

We know and understand the body as a machine though in this instance we are considering a machine that operates beyond the general bounds of space time beyond the body or enables the control of the flow of time while encapsulating the body. This is a different type of time system since it extends that which is or can be understood. In the process of fact and thought we understand that even if a human was to be extended to alternate environments in space time. We would still need to be able to factor a collected perception. Then beyond that we would require a method to keep this flow of collective thought and understanding in sync. We are given a correct understanding involving things of a nature relating to that which is to be considered.

Time changes thus with time systems change and some erosion of the fabric of time sometimes occurs. Though like all things that can or maybe made or maintained. It is all about the natural order regarding the flow of things in one degree or another. This can be covered in an alternate post. Though regarding the maintenance of the sync process which itself can be like a breeze. We start by looking at the design of a machine. The machine which in itself is the design and creation of time but also engine unity. A method for checking, ensuring that once developed and built it should function as intended including also appending and de-appending aspects of the system at key moments. Then appending tests to the system to ensure it functions or the functionality is inaccurate.

A system of the design and creation of the time system is important including also ensuring the maintenance of it. Ideally roles and abilities to enable or allow the creation of a system similar to that of red october. Though not only that. The general method involves that similar to an operation center. The work involved within and how to extend into the design of a system with a red october type of encryption methodology. The decentralized aspect of it is also of importance. This is the point to be stressed regarding the red october design methodology.

There seems to not be much regarding the implementation of such a system however that is not the case. As time evolves things change and so the design of such a system may change. To start we will look and analyze the process of a generally early day design of the system.

Anything with rotaries of something of a similar nature that works in rhythmic cycle would be considered an ideal system. Though the focus at present is not mainly on or of that since I can not seem to get a accurate image of the general description. Though once we have such a thing it could be considered as Adam’s calendar or otherwise. We can start to think about its maintenance which is the focus. This is regarding the delivery of such a machine and system as initially proposed in this post.

The maintenance of such a system can be understood by looking at the site reliability engineering and gaining an understanding regarding it. This is because the needs to rules and definitions given forth regarding some aspects of the management of time systems. Some would say it is a glorified term for technical support though it is generally the process regarding higher levels of thought involving supporting, designing and maintaining systems of varying kinds. There is a lot that can and will be covered defining this. The mechanisms involving general management and how that correlates to time. Not only on a small scale but in the wider whole of the overall system.

These books go into depth if you really want to understand the process and functions regarding that of the time line system and its maintenance. If you wish to read them in relation to what is in the post. Attempt reading or understanding the lessons learned in a linear fashion.

This book seems to be or appears to be one that is also useful regarding understanding some aspect of how this technology can increase in its nature and how the time system can be further customised to manifest an even stronger and more powerful method of reliability but not only that. It enhances it’s capability to bring a greater understanding, maneuverability and freedom on multiple level’s, based on the perspective view.

This spans a multitude of things that can go from low level to very high level planes of cause and effect. The maintenance of the system is key because it enables us to determine the discrepancy level of various events but not only that. The journey as well back and forth makes the overall outcome with a particular sync measurable by enabling a system or machine as a method of verification regarding various aspects of time. That way the preservation of a natural order to a specified synchronised timeline. The general timelines can be considered the European union, african union and Union of South American Nations. I am sure there is more such as the asia pacific union amongst others. These things are important as they maintain various aspects regarding our being. These unions or are responsible for the general physical planes however there is many more that can be used as an extension of spiritual aspects which can be considered another time though the concept applies.

There is also the consideration of nato and how with their abilities there may be considered a high union force in our reality and the general planet. This is as though the highest governing body and in the design of the system they may be considered a maintaining force regarding the operation of the system including management when it comes to the sync process as most people. The key thing in verification systems would be managing the sync process and as such this unions attempt to ensure that is made possible with removing liberties and freedoms from the people.

When we consider this and things that we wrote previously you can start to get an understanding as to the importance of a number of varying things. Personally I could not believe I could ever be a police offer or have the strength to deal with the things that they have managed. That is mainly being said as their system to be one of the most powerful in one sense or nature. Though it should not be used and only used as a last resort in my main opinion. which raises the importance of making sure to pay your taxes. It is just that I see it different to most in regards to how that particular system may function. There are many more interactive systems that can be used.

Transactions in the void of eternity

Though time is limited in its nature it is beyound our comprehension. This is because time is a static asset based on perception. The perception is defined not only by the observer, but by multiple asspects involving a number of factors which in effect form the whole.

This means that time is a system that is forever. Earth within it self becomes something of a time capsle though it is not.

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Low vibratory atmospheric energies

I believe that in our interactions within a neighborhood regardless of the frequency of thought, a level of calmness, understanding and respect is required. We may all not be friends but community is the creation of nature and a pattern inherent in all things in living.

We live in a time and a place in which many things are beyond our initial comprehension at present without awareness. Though perception is the key, believe is a fundamental aspect of our reality. We are within a knowing that gives a truth to all who require it. Time is a feature that manifests in a near unknown way. We as such are to perform actions within that to allow us to experience this world.

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Auratic dimensional chakra

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The Auratic dimensional chakra is the unified time chakra which form various aspects of understanding you call an experince.

‘The aura is composed of multiple levels of denisity. It is also assosiated with multiple levels of existence acting as one unit in time. Though the concept of time within the alternate levels is not exprinced as usally perceieved. The levels vary in time and frequency. I have discussed these in a previous post but the image below details the structure and its near dimensional layer.’

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The run

Though in our time it is not uncommon to run for the purpose of enjoyment or self development. It is something that humans have been capable of for a number of years.
It is stated in our evolution as a method of survival but I believe it extends beyond such a concept.

The body has takes many shapes and form through out it life time. It is a vessel of truth and freedom upon the reality we

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ecological development

The development of environments as though a service within a large whole. This defines that which is known to be yet unknown. The meaning behind this is that as collective humans mistakes manifest in time and with that we must learn to hear wisdom. The ecological nature of that environment is that of evil which seeks or may seek to damage the world through intention.

These are the things that they have taught to me in hidden speech given forth throughout time.

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A world without numbers

Imagine there in a world with inforamtion, information is a must to understand how to survive. In truth we as humans are given that wisdom within time to manifest a truth.

Though in the distorted perception of that truth we need a freedom.

Thus limiting what can or can not be.

We must with great embrace bring a knowledge to all who wish it. That gives us a understanding. The understanding we manifest is built on so much knowledge which is or is not. We in God give trust for a knowledge until the known is. How do we know what must be made manifest, we do not but in trial with error we govern what can be.

Time can be a scary thing, as you observe its expansion and contraction. The shirnking of time is an effect that is obersavable throught the manifestion of unified realility.

Unified reality is the mind, the body and the spirit.

Why is the movement in time a fearsome thing. It is because it is fear based and located in place we know nothing off. There is many things to glean when exploring thoughts. The first is the bridge between the thought & truth. Reality and falsehood is the second thing. These two bring us knowledge and so we also have the assosiation that needs understanding.

I fear insulting those who may be, with fear based on a lack of understanding. I know that in knowledge there is a power but again, it is not a game and is akin to a weapon of verbal conceptualization.

I understand inorder to move and jump through a space in time one must have building. This is because the building’s layout allow’s a avoidance of matrial collision of a sort. Not just matrial collision but also enable’s a base frame point from which to manuvor. The fear I have regarding knowledge of such things is that of the capabilities of such a thing and its creation.

They called it a paradox and I understood that a paradox is a system of access points. These points allowing the movement from one point to another. Though as to how stable they may be it is difficult to compranhand. The validity and length of such paradoxies is always a variable. That knowledge would be dangerous knowledge. People would in effect knowing attempt to access such variable’s given the opportunity. They close in time’s that differ from an A to a B, minus all complications in between.

They say BLACK LIVES MATTER but this is not a truth for a black man can stab you in the back. This is because of thoughts given forth from the understanding of how the trade of humanity manifested. Snakes in the grace will always remain as such. Snakes within the grace that can not be stomped out of it. We must always understand that they did not work alone. It is the worst of enimies that I fear in my mind, heart and thoughts.

We who of knowledge with understanding where in the enemy is unknown it is difficult to comprehend. When we see we need not only see by inverted eyes, but open and free eyes. We must know the game is large in nature and what it includes is beyound human comprehenstion. We are known to give unity but at times it decipates through lie’s and trick without understanding.

I fear the fox’s that may be killing swan’s

When the time is done what will we be. When struture changes they will forever pursue its truth. This is not one thing I wish to be with but I understandig the meaning to be with out it. That truth shared amoungst the ages of men kind.

Does she love me or is it a falsehood, do they protect that secret or is it a falsehood. What happens when no one is no longer looking. The devine paradox of time protects of given knowledge. Friend or foe we may never know. Though it move’s and the clock ticks as time sings the song in the rivers path.

It is never about race

It is about where you loyalties lay and what you seek in your path
I stand with truest of truths

I believe in all truth, though this is my time, when I move and wonder in thought time the question always remains

Where is my teacher/s ?

If be the case, how do I know if I can in truth trust them


Present absent father

Fathers are like routers in network

The truth of the two developers managing a project

It is bizzare on this day to contemplate the flow of things at this time. I believe that I have spent a long time considering what might or can be possible. The main focus being on relationships which can lead to the idea of being a farther regardless of how that comes into manifestation.

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Conceptual perceptions in flow

In our understanding we grow. In freedom we prosper and in time we manifest truth through wisdom. It is understood and well percevied that in time a secret lays therein. That secdret is a truth that we bring into manifest through action gudied by knowledge. The knowledge we hold is what defines the perception we are granted. Thus in learning we learn to improve and impose a perception on to mankind. That which is given widsom takes in to manifestion the various outcomes from one action to the next. This is a thought and flow that is beyound general concept and freedom.

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The coordinate | The present

The representation of what is present is that which is considered the coordinate

When we percieve through our eyes the reality involving our truth. We people live in a world with out the knowledge of that which has come before us. In knowing and understanding what we can turn in to great things that are given observation of guidence.

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